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The Don't Knows CD

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Alternative/Acoustic/Introspective songs by Weeksy aka Kingbastard.

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Weeksy & The Don't Knows LP:-

'The Don't Knows' is an album of simply recorded, honest, heart-felt, indie/acoustic/alternative songs.
Sometimes playful, sometimes dark, always emotive, Weeksy's creative introspection grabs your attention and your heart-strings and transports you into the mind of one of society's 'Don't Knows'

1. Don't
2. Day by Day
3. Corridors
4. I ain't got time for IT
5. You do the Maths
6. Matuit
7. Fuckup
8. Distill
9. Myheadisaballoon
10. Hey
11. I am a Tree
12. Not Another Love Song
13. Jigsaw
14. See-Through Smile
15. Flesh & Bone
16. Vicious Circle
17. Sleep Tight
18. Getourest
19. Little Boy
20. P P P & P
21. Lovesick Ambulance

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